Common Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures in Michigan

Even though everyone would wish to have the perfect smile and the best dental appearance, issues like dental diseases, infections, accidents and misaligned dental structures can result in dental flaws. Having dental flaws can result in low self esteem and confidence issues. In addition, careers like modeling, customer relations, acting and air hostess require one to be able to have the perfect smile.
If you have discolored, misaligned, missing, chipped or even broken teeth, you should not be worried as the best cosmetic dentist in Oak Park, MI will be able to undertake effective cosmetic procedures to give you that perfect smile you have long desired. Some of the common cosmetic dentistry procedures in Michigan are discussed herein;

Teeth Whitening
This is the most common cosmetic dentistry procedure and it entails restoring teeth to be white as snow. Due to poor maintenance of teeth, normal aging or poor eating habits, the teeth may change from its original white color to yellowish or even brown color. When you book an appointment with the best cosmetic dentist Oak Park, MI, they will apply a bleaching gel on your teeth, use state of art dental equipment to accelerate the bleaching process and you will have cotton white teeth within an hour. 

Even though there are numerous over the counter teeth whitening products, it is better to undertake teeth whitening under the supervision of an experienced Michigan cosmetic dentist who will give you white teeth within an hour as opposed to over the counter products that take weeks to show results.

Dental Implants
If you have a missing tooth or teeth, but you want to still have 'all your teeth’ your cosmetic dentist in Oak Park in Michigan they may opt for dental implants. Dental implant involves surgically implanting an artificial tooth in the socket of the missing teeth. Here, the jaw bone is drilled and the artificial tooth is screwed permanently into position. The artificial tooth will function just like a normal tooth and no one will notice that you have undergone dental implants.
This cosmetic dentistry procedure not only restores your smile and any missing teeth but also helps improve speech ability, chewing function while preventing gum recession and sunken cheeks that are associated with loss of teeth. Before undergoing dental implants, your Michigan dental clinic will asses your dental structure including jaw bone to determine if your are the perfect candidate for dental implants.

In the event you lose your teeth but your cosmetic dentist determines you are not a suitable candidate for dental implants, they might recommend you use dentures. Dentures are artificial and removable tooth replacement which are recommended to the elderly and people with a weak jaw and dental structure that cannot sustain drilling for implants. Once you decide to use dentures, your Michigan cosmetic dentist will make a model of your teeth using impression so as to make custom dentures for you.

Traditionally, the only way to straighten crooked or misaligned teeth was by using braces. However, adults who do not ant to use braces should opt for invisible braces. Invisalign is made up of clear plastic aligners that are inserted on the teeth to slowly align them into position.
With invisible braces, your cosmetic dentist in oak park mi will build a 3d model of your dental structure and use this information to generate a set of custom aligners for you to wear over time. Invisalign has numerous advantages as they will straighten your teeth without anyone noticing and will not interfere with your normal routine as they are removable and don’t come with lots of restrictions.